Supplier of Specialty Gases and Chemicals to the Portland Electronics Industry

The worldwide electronics industry has seen a remarkable amount of growth over the past four decades, and specialty gases have to be credited for much of it – here in Portland as much as internationally. Clearly, the semiconductor industry as a whole must have gases and chemicals of extremely high purity. They lend distinctive properties to the pure sillicon used in semiconductor-based microprocessors, which can be found everywhere in today’s watches, smart phones, and computers.

Beyond that, the drawing of fiber optic cable also needs a protective atmosphere of high-purity helium. This gas is being delivered in greater volume to fiber cable manufacturers now that fiber optic cable is replacing traditional “twisted pair” copper wire and coaxial cable as the most requested choice. Once liquefied, helium becomes a low-temperature coolant that provides superconductivity to the magnets deployed in Magnetic Resonance Imaging as well as to superconducting wire that reduces normal electrical resistance and holds the promise of allowing electricity to be distributed with greater efficiency.  

To encourage semiconductor research, PurityPlus® manufactures pure gases in VLSI, research, and electronic grades of nitrogen, helium, argon, and hydrogen. We also can formulate research quantities of high-purity reactive gases in mixtures comprising silane, phosphine, diborane, and arsine. Besides that, we can make specialty fluorocarbons, hydrogen chloride, ammonia, and ultra-high-purity oxygen for etching. These represent only a small sampling of the gases we have for you.

Cryo-Source further offers Portland manufacturers the complete PurityPlus® inventory of gas equipment including low dead-volume regulators, gas cabinets, and monitoring systems. We’re here with the products you need, usually in the lesser volumes more accommodating to research and development. And you can be sure all of our products meet every applicable industry regulation and expectation.

Our customers include companies in the following industries:

  • Semiconductor (Memory Chip manufacturing)
  • Photovoltaics (Solar)
  • Light Emitting Diode (LED)
  • Flat Panel Display (FPD TV)
  • Fiber Optics
  • Superconductivity Research

For further details on how we can fulfill your specialty gas and chemical necessities, call Cryo-Source at 503-235-0168, or contact us online today.