PurityPlus® High-Purity Specialty Gas Regulators: Selecting the Best of the Best for Your Portland Application

If this is the first time you’ve thought about purchasing PurityPlus® specialty gases – or you’re purchasing a PurityPlus® gas from Cryo-Source that you haven’t used before – you’ll need to make sure you get the right regulator for your particular job. Of course, whatever the usage, you can’t do better than PurityPlus® regulators. They’re built to tremendously precise criteria of pressure control, which is absolutely essential to the safety and fruitfulness of your work. Not sure which regulator is most appropriate for you – or how to go about finding it? Cryo-Source will be happy to help. Any Portland customer, though, no matter their experience, will find it easier to determine the regulator they need by following the guidelines provided and reviewing the applicable product pages in the PurityPlus® Specialty Gases & Equipment Catalog. Give it a good going over before you contact us, at least to get familiar with what options are available to you.

While the catalog gives you complete information on each PurityPlus® regulator available, a brief overview of the line might be beneficial to get you started:

  • Is the gas or liquid you’re employing corrosive or non-corrosive? PurityPlus® offers regulators made for safe use with one or the other. Its brass regulators, of either forged-body or barstock construction, are suitable for most non-reactive gases. If you’re using a highly corrosive gas in its anhydrous form, you’ll want one of the PurityPlus® regulators made of highly corrosion-resistant 316L stainless steel. As a lightweight, low-cost replacement for stainless steel when only moderately corrosive gases are used, PurityPlus® also offers regulators fabricated of aluminum.
  • An extensive selection of single-stage regulators and dual-stage regulators is offered as well. Single-stage regulators, which reduce cylinder pressure in one step to deliver pressure within a stipulated range, are best employed in applications where a constant delivery pressure isn’t critical. Applications that do require a constant delivery pressure are best served by dual-stage regulators, which maintain constant outlet pressure over the life of the cylinder.
  • PurityPlus® supplies specially designed regulators, too – with its 400 and 455 series, most notably – for those few occasions when a standard single- or dual-stage regulator isn’t enough. Those mainly would be applications demanding the use of unusually corrosive gases or exextraordinarily high pressures.
  • You’ll also have access to cylinder connections in the PurityPlus® catalog that meet all worldwide standards. That’s great, too, because …

PurityPlus® specialty gas regulators find universal favor in laser gas systems, gas chromatography, aerospace operations, welding, high-performance purification systems, water-pressure reduction, engineering and gas management, and onsite gas generation, just to identify a few applications. You can rely on Cryo-Source to have the PurityPlus® the regulator you need. Just follow the straightforward, step-by-step selection and ordering process set forth in the catalog. And, as we said above, if you still need help in picking your regulator, you can always depend on Cryo-Source, right here in Portland, to provide it.