High-Purity Analytical Gases for Portland Laboratory Research

We get what’s at risk: The main intent in laboratory research is to carry out the most thorough, consistent, and accurate analysis possible. That pertains no matter what the field or industry, either. Laboratories that research, test, and measure are an extensive part of the scenery today, with pursuits ranging from consumer product development, to automotive safety improvements, to medical advancements, to environmental protection, to … well, whatever else your lab might be researching! And as research laboratories have mushroomed, PurityPlus® and its network of over 150 Partners at 600 locations coast to coast have been there to produce top-quality high-purity specialty gases for every analytical exigency. Cryo-Source is proud to be the PurityPlus® Partner catering to research laboratories in and around Portland.

Independent third-party certification of our processes and our products affirms the purity of our gases, too, permitting you to pursue your analytical objectives with confidence. While the lineup of gases we supply Portland research labs is considerable, the most needed are the carrier gases argon (Ar), helium (He), and nitrogen (N2).

PurityPlus® argon is widely used in gas chromatography thermal conductivity, flame ionization, high-frequency discharge, and ultrasonic detectors … in GC-mass spectrometry … in Fourier Transform Infrared, atomic absorption, electronic paramagnetic resonance, inductive coupled plasma, and arc or spark emission spectroscopy … in mass spectrometry, atmospheric pressure ionization mass spectrometry … in hydrometers … and to detect carbon and sulfur in steel. PurityPlus® helium and nitrogen are comparably selected for such uses.

Cryo-Source can supply you with more than the required high-purity gases, though. Our team can also inform you of the most cutting-edge analytical methods and keep you up to date on just-breaking research advances in your field. Best of all, we can help you pick the best gas to assure correct measurement and calibration each and every time. Let us partner with you to make your Portland research laboratory the epitome of efficiency, accuracy … and profitability. Contact Cryo-Source today.