Cryo-Source is committed to providing you with quality specialty gases and specialty gas related equipment along with excellent service. Our customer testimonials explain why you should choose Cryo-Source as your specialty gas and equipment supplier. 


“We've worked with Myron a long time and he's always been very reliable, and now Jeramiah is doing a fantastic job for us, too. They are very responsive, on top of things, and we really appreciate the job they are doing for us. In fact, the last shipment of heli-ox from you guys saved a woman's life. ”

- Teri C., Rogue Valley Hospital

“Bobby is a fantastic Account Manager. We can always count on him, even when we make mistakes. We recently forgot to check our tanks and ran out of Nitrogen and called Bobby before business hours and he made sure to get our order in and get us Nitrogen first thing in the morning. Without Bobby’s help, we would have been ‘up a creek’. We are so grateful to know that Bobby and Cryo Source are always looking out for us! ”

- Iby M., Rogue Regional Medical Center